District Director
Judy Esposito
An officer or committee chairman may be contacted via email by clicking her name
1st Assistant Director
Mary Dame
2nd Assistant Director
Recording Secretary
Elizabeth Rossi
Corresponding Secretary
Martha Van Patten
Committee Chairmen
Book of Recognition/Life Membership - Phoebe Hunt-Fontaine
Calendar Sales - Pam Relyea
Civic Development/Historic Preservation - Lorraine McPherson
Environmental Concerns - Janet Billingsley
Flower Show School - Phoebe Hunt-Fontaine
Garden Therapy - Heather Cushing
Heartline - Heather Cushing
Herb and Vegetable Gardens - Liz Gee
Horticulture - Teresa Whalen
Judges Council -Liz Gee
Nature Conservancy Land Trust -Mary Dame
Newsletter - Garden Gate - Pam Relyea
Parliamentarian/Protocol - Pam Foehser
Programs - Barbara Fasake
Scholarships - Jackie Viestenz
Webmaster - Diane Swartwout
Wildflowers - Martha VanPatten
World Gardening - Phyllis Sleeper
Publicity - Laurene Tompkins
Yearbook - Open