Fall District IV Meeting & Luncheon - Oct 1, 2019
Hosted by Schuylerville Garden Club
District Director Charlanne Ryan- McDonough with Officers Ass't Director Annette Newcomb, Secretary Mary Anne Brown
Treasurer Barbara Millington
Barbara Millington, Judy Esposito, Charlanne Ryan-McDonough
 with FGC State President Victoria Bellias
Barb Millington, Charlanne Ryan-McDonough, Vikki Bellias with Club Presidents Lorraine McPherson, Sharon Meyer, Leona Brownell and Donna Zelanko
Schuylerville Garden Club receiving Flower Show Awards 
Liz Gee, Flower Show Chairman, Vikki Bellias 
                          & Leona Brownell
District Director Charlanne 
Showing Plant America Bag.  
Plant America - NGC Theme 2019-2021
 Peter Bowden, guest speaker talking "garden" to Sharon Meyer
Victoria Bellias, FGC State President delivering her message to the group.